Dan Auerbach's 63 Year-Old Protégé Robert Finley Shares Soulful Video 'Medicine Woman': Interview


Louisiana-based singer Robert Finley is a prime example that talent only improves with age. The 63 year-old has teamed up with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys for his sophomore album Goin’ Platinum!, along with a studio full of seasoned musicians who have recorded with the likes of Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, among others -- a fitting lineup, since many of the same artists were featured on Finley’s favorite albums from his childhood.

Finley’s work with Auerbach sounds like the ideal juxtaposition of the textbook Black-Keys-groove with larger-than-life blues vocals. It seems only fateful that a video of Finley performing to a street crowd in Arkansas made its way to Auerbach, and started Finley’s long-awaited career in music.

Auerbach has nothing but praise for Finley, who he quickly signed to his label Easy Eye Sound. “I realized very quickly Robert’s capable of doing so much more than old blues songs. He’s a blues guitar player, but when he puts his guitar down, you could set him in front of an orchestra and he would sing just as good as Ray Charles on the first take," he says. "He has that magnetic hugeness about his voice and just knows where to put it in the pocket, always.”.....